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Data & Privacy Policy

At Gaited Horse marketplace, we fully understand our responsibility to protect your data. Data privacy of our buyers and sellers as well as viewers is our utmost priority. The data collected is used as per the data privacy regulations. The flow of information is carefully monitored by the Gaited Horse marketplace as it takes full responsibility of protecting your personal information. Any personal information that you share on the platform will be used in compliance with our data policy that is tailored to the best of everyone’s interests while keeping your data privacy in mind.

I. What personal information are we talking about?

The personal information entails your name, email address, phone number, postal address, and every other piece of information that is unique to you. This type of information is usually required to create an account on our platform as either a buyer, trainer or a seller to place classified ads. While filling some of this information is a prerequisite for setting up an account on our website, you are free to hold back other information you do not want us to share with our partner websites and brands.


II. How long does it stay with us?

Personal information:

The personal information that you share with us for setting up an account stays with us for as long as your account is not deactivated.

Classified Ads information:

The information that you share with us for placing an ad stays with us for as long as the ad is up and running.

Visitor information:

As the visitors do not create an account or post any ad on our platform, only limited information is stored about them. This information includes time and date of their access to the site, browser type and settings, IP address, and the pages visited. The IP address details are only shared with us for as long as the visitor stays on our website.

III. Other information

Apart from the personal information and ad details that you share with us, the other information that is collected may include/not limited to:

  1. Viewer specifics including age, location, and driver permit status etc.
  2. Sensitive data including political inclination, race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, criminal record etc.
  3. User generated content including comments submitted, forms filled, ticket, message, or email sent online within the platform.
  4. Publicly available information including educational background, professional background and affiliations, licenses and certificates, skills and experience, etc.
  5. Statistical information used for site analytics and more.

IV. How do we use it?

The information is shared between our partner websites with intent to make the online experience all the more personalized for you. Some of the common information flow channels include:

  1. Cookies
  2. Affiliate websites
  3. Web and mobile apps of the platform or browser extension (if available)
  4. Other tools and applications

V. Compliance with the legal terms of use

The shared and saved information is used and shared in compliance with the legal terms of use. In many cases, this is done only when the user themselves has consented to it i.e., cookies on the Gaited Horse marketplace. Moreover, the information that users share using the social integrations on the platform are also require consent. Processed information within the platform is only sent to the said buyer, seller, or customer representative when and wherever needed. This information is includes what the user has consented to through contact form, ad, or query filled online. In certain instances such as marketing purposes, the data provided is used for various ads and things in the interest of the platform as long as it does not breach the data privacy and protection policy the users have already consented to.

VI. Social Integrations terms of use

The Gaited Horse marketplace website has popular social integrations including Facebook. Twitter, and Instagram. These social integrations help the users connect with us on our social accounts. It also allows them to share the ads and web posts to these sites. For the share function on each of these platforms, the primary responsibility of dissemination of the said information on and beyond the platforms is of the platforms themselves.

VII. Use of user and visitor information

The information saved as per the Gaited Horse marketplace data policy is largely used for the following purposes:

  1. Enhancing user experience on the website by analyzing the session time and other relevant parameters
  2. Testing new features and online forms
  3. Seamless management of ads, queries, and other responsive functions
  4. Maintaining contracts with our affiliate websites and groups

Further, the information can also be shared with crime detection and other legal authorities when and where necessary under the legal terms and conditions.

VIII. Google Analytics

To improve the user experience and keep the website up-to-date as per the changing Search Engine Optimization guidelines, the website uses Google Analytics as its primary website audit tool. The tool helps us in website maintenance by providing stats about the session time and other important parameters that contribute to a user-experience. It helps us identify bugs and errors on the website that may be slowing it down. Google Analytics performs its function by keeping a record of visitor information. The user information is stored anonymously as the primary purpose of storing this information is to improve the website for a better user experience. Users also have the option to not allow their data to be given or stored to Google Analytics. The users can do so by installing the opt-out Google Analytics extension for their browser.


IX. Marketing through information

The user information and cookies saved on the website are shared with affiliate websites and third parties for marketing purposes. This information is shared as per the legal regulations and our data policy. This information is used by the third parties to show the users/visitors advertisements as per their interest. The users can also opt out of this feature by changing the settings in their account.

X. Clearing information

As per the II of our data policy, the user information saved on our platform stays for as long as the account is not deleted. As soon as the user deletes the account, the information is liable to be deleted. At times, the system takes time in processing this. The users can reach out to us through email to submit the request for permanently deleting their information. Further, any personal piece of information that the users no longer feel to share on the platform can be deleted by removing it from their account.


XI. Security

The Gaited Horse marketplace is committed to keep your data and every type of information safe. The website is highly secured with firewall protection to avoid unauthorized security breach attempts. The information provided to the third parties is also in compliance with the legal data protection standard practices. The user location is identified using either their IP address or through the GPS. The location information is used for relevant advertising and location based services provision purposes.

XII. User rights

  1. With the aforementioned points taken into account, the users have the complete rights over the following:
  2. The right to request for updating or deleting the information provided on the account
  3. The right to ask about the nature of the respective user information being used or recorded
  4. The right to withdraw from subscriptions or email newsletters any time
  5. The right to opt out of using information for a particular purpose
  6. The right to request for the removal of the account or all of the information altogether available on the platform


Privacy policy updates

The Gaited Horse marketplace reserves the right to change or update its privacy policy anytime it deems it necessary. The users or visitors ought to read the policy carefully along with the details of when it was last updated. The platform will not be responsible for any misunderstanding on the user or visitor’s part.