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  • What is the Gaited Horse Marketplace about?

    The Gaited Horse Marketplace is a US based online platform that connects people interested in buying and selling gaited horses, saddles and horse trailers. The interested sellers can place ads, pictures and videos on the platform. through which the buyers can contact them. We leave the final transactions between the buyer and seller.

  • Do ads require review and approval before getting displayed or are they displayed immediately after the payment is made?

    Add ads are reviewed before posting. They are checked for completeness and clarity. They are designed to open a dialog between buyer and seller, the transaction is completed between buyer and seller.

  • How do the sellers and buyers contact each other?

    The initial way of contacting the seller is through messages tab on the applicable ad. If you are a buyer and want to know more about a certain horse, engage through the ad to let the seller know that you are interested in their horse or item. Once the initial contact is made, you can keep contacting the seller through the Gaited Horse Marketplace platform. The messages tab can be accessed anytime by the sender as well as the recipient.

  • How do I decide between horses to buy?

    Buying the right horse for you can be difficult. Buying here should be a breeze, if you are an experienced rider and owner. But, if you are a first time buyer, we recommend consulting your horse trainer or ask us to connect you with a trainer in your area to help you get started.. You can ask the seller questions regarding the horse before you can make the final decision.

  • How do I choose a good next owner for my horse?

    If you are seller, finding a buyer who would take good care of the horse can be a challenge. The Gaited Horse connects the horse buyers with the sellers and authenticates the two parties. The sellers can ask questions from the buyers before making the final decision. The seller has the ultimate right to decide who to sell their horse to.

  • Does the Gaited Horse Marketplace only deal with the horses?

    The Gaited Horse Marketplace deals with the horses as well as horse supplies. The supplies include/are not limited to saddles and trailers.

  • How will I know if my ad is approved for the final listing?

    The owners of the ads are notified as soon as their request is approved. They may be asked for further information if required. You can check the status of your ads in your dashboard.

  • How will I know if the seller has accepted by request to buy?

    The selected buyer is notified as soon as the seller has made their final decision. They will be asked to make the payment through the payment method to secure their purchase. The seller and buyer responsible for arranging for delivery or they can select one of our trusted delivery vendors. Only once the buyer receives the horse or the item will the money be released to the seller. Any further disputes are dealt with between the buyer and seller. The buyers can check the status of any transactions in their dashboard.

  • Are the prices negotiable?

    The displayed prices are the asking price for the sellers. The interested buyers can connect with the sellers and make an offer. The buyer and seller must agree on the price, only then does the buyer make the payment on the site.