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Messara Horses Classifieds

Looking for a good buyer for your horse or thinking of buying a sturdy riding partner for yourself or someone else? You are just at the right place. Gaited Horse Marketplace is a professional and reliable platform to sell and buy all breeds of the finest gaited horses across the world. Approach us and post ad or hunt for Messara Horses Classifieds assuredly. We offer very affordable packages to make a prosperous horse sale.

About Messara Horses

These horses are also recognized by the name of “Cretan Horses” and have become a rare breed of gaited horses with only about 100 specimens. This breed originated off the coast of Greece, on Crete island 1000 years ago. The name “Messara” comes from the region where they mostly live, “Messara plain”. 

These horses were produced by crossbreeding between local and Arabian horse breeds in the 17th century. 

Messara horses are very strong yet docile and easy-keeping. They have some characteristics of their Arabian predecessors. They were mostly used for transportation and farm work. 

Latest Messara Horse for sale

Want to know more about this rare breed? Messara horses are known for their distinctive gait which is called Aravani. They can walk like camels by raising two left and two right legs alternatively.  During this Aravani, the rider of this horse doesn’t move up and down like during the fast speed of other horses. This characteristic makes them an ideal riding partner even on rough terrains. Additionally, Messara horses have more stamina than other horses as they have evolved in the extreme weather conditions of Crete. 

Wishing to have this amazing equine for long comfortable rides? Visit our site and you will find many latest ads for Messara horses for sale. However, they are found now in very less numbers but we strive to facilitate you as much as we can. 

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