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Kathiawari Horses for Sale

 An indian breed of gaited horse, Kathiawari is a rare find in the gaited horses. Kathiawari is very similar to the Marwari breed which is also an Indian breed of gaited horses. These horses are magnificent in their appearance and can often be spotted in celebratory functions, parades, etc.

Kathiawari horses can be found here in our classifieds section. They are desert horses and can easily tolerate harsh climates. These resilient horses are ideal for long trails in harsh climates. These sturdy horses can be found in numerous colors. They are tall and have a broad forehead and often have striped legs.

Kathiawari Horse Classifieds                                                                

Kathiawari horses can be found in our classifieds. You have a variety of options to choose from within the Kathiawari breed of the gaited horses. All the gaited horses still up for sale are displayed in our classifieds. Placing an ad in our classifieds page is very easy.

Fill in the required sections and your ad is good to go. We verify the information you fill so that the potential buyers are not misled with any false information. At the Gaited Horse Marketplace, you can hire trainers for your gaited horses as well. So, connect with your potential buyer/seller today!

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