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Horses for Sale in Florida

A much rare breed in the gaited horses, Florida Cracker horses is a very precious breed of gaited horses. These unique horses are very similar to Spanish-style horses. You can find a Florida Cracker horse at the Gaited Horse Marketplace. These horses are well known for their agility and hence widely popular for competitive riding in the rings.

Florida cracker horses have two types of gaits including running walk and amble. These horses are also very appealing to look at. They are also widely used for personal use. Want to sell your Florida cracker horse or buy one? Hit us up today!

Florida Cracker Horse Classifieds

Although rare, this breed of gaited horses can also be found through our classifieds. Florida Cracker horses are great as pleasure horses as well as riding purposes. These horses also make good beginner horses as they have a gentle demeanor.

The classifieds display only relevant ads as the outdated ones are removed as soon as the deal is closed between the buyer and seller. You can display ads to get your horse featured in our classifieds by creating an account on our site. The ad will be live as soon as it is verified. Head to the FAQ section for more details!

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