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Campolina Horses for Sale


Brazilian breed of the gaited horses, Campolina horses have a comparatively larger breed among other gaited horse breeds. These horses have a very distinct brown color and are appealing as well. Campolina horses are commonly used for pleasure riding and driving. They have an ambling gait which is good for a gaited horse. They make a good horse for pleasure riding.


Campolina horses can also be found in our classifieds. These gorgeous horses may have white markings around their necks. Campolina horses are tall horses and can make a very good riding horse. Get a Campolina horse from one of the most popular horse selling/buying platforms, the Gaited Marketplace today!

Campolina Horses for Sale

Campolina Horse Classifieds


Campolina horse classifieds include these gorgeous Campolina horses from a number of sellers across the country. Our classifieds are 100% reliable and only contain horses that are still up for sale. All the horses with closed deals are removed.


Advertising through us is hassle-free. The sellers can design and place ads that go live within no time. For the buyers who are buying for the very first time from our site, we assure you this is a highly secure and scam-free platform. Buy from us and we guarantee you will not regret your decision. Get in touch with us today!

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