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Campeiro Horses for Sale

Gaited horses with small build, Campeiro horses are Brazilian breed of gaited horses. These beautiful small horses have an ambling gait and are very strong. These sturdy gaited horses can be found in numerous colors. They are widely being used for riding and transport. 

Campeiro horses are up for sale at the Gaited Horse Marketplace. You can find plenty of sellers looking for buyers for their horses here. These horses, although small, can carry light weights. They are forest horses and aren’t as resilient as the desert horses. Find yourself a good Campeiro horse from the Gaited Horse Marketplace today!

Campeiro Classifieds 

Campeiro horses in a variety of colors can be found in our classifieds section. These horses are a tough gaited horse breed and are widely liked by the pleasure riders. The classifieds have ads from sellers across the country who want to sell their Campeiro horse. If you want to buy a Campiero horse, go through our classifieds and start talking to the seller that interests you.

Our classifieds are very precise as they only contain the information required to catch the interest of the buyer.  Place ads on our platform and benefit from our matchless outreach that is sure to find you a buyer within no time.