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Aegidienberger Horse for Sale

One of the most popular crosses between the gaited horse breeds, the cross of Peruvian Pas with the Icelandic horse gives another exceptional gaited horse breed known as Aegidienberger horse. These horses take a lot of their characteristics from the parent horses.  The elegance of Peruvian Paso and the hardiness of Icelandic horses have found their way into this magnificent gaited horse breed.

These horses are available in the classifieds section on our platform. Aegidienberger horses are known for their tremendous endurance. They make a very good difficult track horse. They can also be kept for personal use because of their amiable temperament.

Aegidienberger Classifieds

Our classifieds include this special cross breed of the gaited horses. This breed of gaited horses can tolerate harsh climates and is therefore one of the most sought out breeds of the gaited horses among travel and adventure enthusiasts. The classifieds at the Gaited Horse Marketplace display numerous sellers willing to sell their Aegidienberger horses.

Placing a classified on our platform is as simple as finding a relevant one. All the potential sellers are required to do is fill in the information for the ad. Once the ad is approved, it will become live immediately. Feel free to hit us up for details. 

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