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The Gaited Horse Marketplace

The Gaited Horse Marketplace was founded by a group of Gaited Horse enthusiasts that were frustrated that they could not get good access to gaited horses on traditional horse selling websites. They are the U.S and is an online platform that connects people interested in buying or selling gaited horses. Whether you are looking for a gaited horse to show, trail ride, breed to simply raise, you can find the horse of your dreams at the Gaited Horse Marketplace. You can also sell horses to reliable buyers online through us without any hassle. Finding a reliable buyer for the horse you love can be challenging but not with the Gaited Horse Marketplace. With its focus on gaited horses and its variety of horses to choose from, the Gaited Horse is more of an online community helping each other with “everything gaited”. gaited horse

Why choose us

We live and breath gaited horses. We own them, we sell them, we buy them and we breed them and we ride them. The Gaited Horse Marketplace is the answer to our frustration that no website shared our love and interest in the Gaited Horse. If you share our interest in everything Gaited, give us a try, we know you will enjoy it. And by the way, tell us what we can do better.

Our mission

To provide you a home to pursue your love Gaited Horses, to buy, sell and learn.

Our Vision

To create the best home on the web for everything gaited.


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